Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Creamy Tuscan Salmon is a delicious comfort recipe that you will love, but also a really easy meal to make for your family. Pan cooked salmon in a creamy garlic and sun dried tomato sauce. Simple recipe that pairs great with veggies, pasta, or rice.

Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Prep time: 5 min  |  Cook time: 35 min  |  Total: 40 min



34  salmon fillets

olive oil

2 Tablespoons butter

2 Tablespoons minced garlic

1 small yellow onion, diced

1/3 cup vegetable or chicken broth

5 ounces jar sun-dried tomato in oil, drained

1 3/4 cups heavy cream

Salt and pepper, to taste

3 cups baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup grated or shredded Parmesan

1 Tablespoon fresh parsley for topping (optional)


  1. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Pat the salmon dry with a paper towel and then season pretty generously with salt and pepper. Place the salmon in the hot skillet and cook for about 5 minutes. Turn the fish and then cook for another 4-5 minutes on the other side until the salmon is cooked through. Remove the salmon from the pan and place in a dish to set aside.

  2. In the same skillet, turn the heat to medium and melt the butter. Then add the minced garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add the onion, stir together and cook for 2-3 minutes until the onions are soft. Next, add the sun dried tomatoes (drain the oil from the jar before adding the tomatoes) and cook with the onions for another 1-2 minutes. Pour in the vegetable or chicken broth, stir and leave the sauce to reduce a bit. About 2-3minutes.

  3. Turn the heat to low, then add the heavy cream, salt, and pepper. Stir and allow sauce to simmer, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens. About 10-15 minutes.

  4. Add the spinach to the sauce. Spinach will start to wilt and then add the parmesan cheese and stir everything together until parmesan is melted.

  5. Add the salmon filets back into the sauce and then serve! Be sure to spoon lots of the sauce with the salmon plus a pasta, rice or veggie side. Easy dinner!