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Favorite Kid Lunch Box Tools

favorite lunch box tools

Back to School time is coming in hot so it’s time to break out the lunch boxes (hopefully I remembered to clean them after the last day of school) and start making those lunches again every.single.morning. 

I actually enjoy making lunches every morning. I know, I’m a weirdo. But I have found that a few simple tools and gadgets help to make lunch making a little easier and a bit more fun. 

Check out my favorite little tools below and each has an Amazon link if you want some for yourself. 

I love the sections in the Bentgo lunch box, it makes it easier for my brain for some reason. Sandwich, chips, fruit, veggie, treat. Done. These also hold up during the year really well. 

I love the Simple Modern Brand for water bottles and I am excited to try this lunch box out for the year. Super cute styles and has all the little sections. 

Fun Ice Packs have been quite the hit with Leah, she loves picking them out every morning. They have lots of shapes in case your kid doesn’t like unicorns with a mega love like mine does. 

These slim ice packs are perfect for sliding into those little pouches in lunch boxes. Also, easy to store in the freezer. 

Flexible sheet ice packs are super adaptable to any shape or size lunch box because they wrap around whatever you need cooling. Love these!

I originally got these little paper cups because I was tired of cleaning and scraping peanut butter off her lunch box when I packed celery and peanut butter. These little cups are perfect to place into a lunch box for any dipping sauce and easy clean up. 

Fun Paper straws are a great little addition to a lunch. Cut a sandwich into fourths and make a sandwich kabob, or put strawberries through the straw. Lots of fun and easy ways to make lunch fun. 

I use these little fun plastic toothpicks almost every day for Leah’s lunch. Perfect for her to eat her raspberries or peach slices or put in the middle of a sandwich. Holds things together, cute and fun to use. 

These will save you all kinds of money on buying Uncrustables. These are easy to use and quick too. 

Fun shapes to cut sandwiches. I found that Leah had a lot of fun picking out which shape she wanted for the day and that she actually ate more of her sandwich. 

These are plastic cookie cutters but I loved how many options there were for a great price. The only difference between the true sandwich cutters and these cookie cutters is you just have to press harder through the sandwich with these. I use these al the time, so many choices. 

I use these Silicone cups all the time, not only for lunch box containers. I use these for our meals at home, too. I have found that Leah eats more when there are “accessories” like berries in tiny cups. 

We didn’t do a lot of hot food during lunches but when we did, Leah was all about it. I think the appeal was both, a new fun thing to pull out at lunch as well as being able to have Spaghettios at school. I found the original Thermos brand keeps things warm for a long time, cleans up easy, plus I love the built in spoon. 

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