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Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese
20 min
4-6 servings
Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese
Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

I love a good, creamy mac and cheese. It’s the perfect comfort food. Plus, it’s easy to make. So when this new trend of whipped cottage cheese started up, of course I was intrigued. I always have Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese in our fridge because it tastes incredible plus is a great source of protein. Since cottage cheese does have tons of protein, adding it to a classic mac and cheese creates the best of both worlds. A mix of giving your body some good stuff plus the creamy comfort of a delicious meal.

How to Make Whipped Cottage Cheese?

Whipped Cottage Cheese is pretty darn easy to make. Pour the cottage cheese into a blender and blend away until smooth. I like using my single serve Ninja blender, really easy. You can use whipped cottage cheese by adding it to lots of recipes like sauces or smoothies. You can also add other ingredients while you are blending it to give it some extra flavor. Try strawberries, raspberries, everything bagel seasoning, or basil.

How to add Whipped Cottage Cheese to Make Mac and Cheese?

For Whipped Cottage Cheese Macaroni and Cheese, you start by blending the cottage cheese and adding milk to it, plus some salt and pepper. That creates the protein rich creamy addition for your mac and cheese. The cottage cheese and milk blend together until smooth and create a thick and creamy consistency which will then make your mac and cheese extra thick and creamy too.

What are the ingredients in Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese?

There aren’t many ingredients in whipped cottage cheese mac and cheese. All you need is:


  • Elbow Noodles (or pasta of your choice)

  • Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese

  • Hiland Dairy Milk

  • Salt/Pepper

  • Hiland Dairy Butter

  • Cheese (I love velveeta, Colby Jack, or Cheddar)

What are the Steps to Make Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese?

The steps to make this Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese recipe are pretty simple as well. 


  • Cook the pasta until done, drain and set aside.

  • Blend the cottage cheese, milk, salt and pepper together until smooth. 

  • Cut cheese into small bite size pieces

  • Add butter to the pasta (optional)

  • Add the cottage cheese mixture and the cheese chunks to the pasta

  • Cook on a low heat and stir until the cheese is melted and smooth

What Kind of Cheese is best to use for Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese?

I would say my favorite to use in a mac and cheese is velveeta. People may come for me, but my Grandma made an amazing mac and cheese and used velveeta. It’s a comfort and nostalgia thing for me. 


My next choice would be Colby jack and then a simple cheddar cheese. Both add a great flavor that can be a bit sharp but also mild.

What other recipes can I use whipped cottage cheese in?

I’m no expert on whipped cottage cheese but I am quickly becoming a fan and want to try all kinds of recipes I love with whipped cottage cheese. I think anything with a creamy sauce like: Alfredo or gravy. I think this creamy cottage cheese would be awesome in smoothies. I’ve seen it a lot in ice cream, which will be my next venture.

I did recently try whipped cottage cheese in a chocolate mousse and it was really good! I love the idea of a super protein sweet treat!


I was very pleasantly surprised with this viral whipped cottage cheese trend and I can’t wait to try more. Let me know what you think and any other recipes you’ve tried this out with!

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Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Protein packed, creamy, and comforting Mac and Cheese. Classic Mac and cheese made with Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese whipped until smooth. The creamy cottage cheese helps make this mac and cheese recipe delicious and protein rich.

Whipped Cottage Cheese Mac and Cheese

Prep time: 20 min  |  Cook time:   |  Total: 20 min

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Elbow noodles (16 oz box)

1 cup Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese

¼ cup Hiland Dairy Milk

3 Tablespoons Hiland Butter (optional)

½ teaspoon ground pepper

½ teaspoon kosher salt

Colby Jack Cheese (6 oz) *Velveeta works great too, cut into small chunks



  1. Cook the Elbow Noodles until done. Drain and place pasta back into the same pot.

  2. In a blender (I used my smaller size Ninja) add the Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese, Milk, Salt and Pepper. Blend until smooth and creamy.

  3. In the pot with the pasta, add the butter and whipped Hiland Dairy cottage cheese mixture plus the cheese. Turn to low heat and stir everything together until the cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy!



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