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Disneyland Hot Chocolate

10 min + simmer time
10-14 servings
disneyland hot chocolate with marshmallows
disneyland hot chocolate in buffalo plaid mugs

This Disneyland Hot Chocolate copycat recipe just might be the best hot chocolate on the planet.

Alright, let’s talk about this hot chocolate. Hot cocoa? Hot chocolate? Whatever, doesn’t matter. This stuff is AMAZING!

I was first introduced to this delicious drink not at Disneyland, but at a family Christmas party. My mom told me she was going to make this Disneyland hot chocolate copycat recipe she found. She said it had heavy cream, chocolate and condensed milk in it. Naturally, my response was “anything with heavy cream, condensed milk and chocolate cannot be bad.” And I was right.

Why a Disneyland Hot Chocolate Copycat Recipe?

So, why did my mom decide to make Disneyland hot chocolate, specifically? Disneyland is pretty famous for its hot chocolate. You can order a bunch of varieties around the park and people get a little obsessed with it. Now that I’ve tried this Disneyland hot chocolate recipe, I understand why!

This hot chocolate is not for the faint of heart and it is not for the first week in January gym goers. This is a drink for the end of the year. A “get all your calories in before you cut out sugar” kind of drink. It’s so creamy and rich and definitely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Seriously, it’s THAT good.

So whether you’re planning for holiday parties, winter brunch gatherings or just want a cozy and indulgent night in during the cold weather months, this hot chocolate with condensed milk is for you!

disneyland hot chocolate in buffalo plaid mugs

What You Need for Disneyland Hot Cocoa

While this hot cocoa recipe requires a few more ingredients than your standard Swiss Miss packet, it’s totally worth it (and still very easy to make). Here’s what you’ll need:


You can really use any kind of milk for this hot chocolate recipe, but I usually opt for whole milk. Let’s face it, the next two ingredients are heavy cream and condensed milk, so we’re not really winning any health points with this recipe. Disneyland hot chocolate is all about indulgence.

Heavy Cream

Because milk just isn’t rich enough on its own, you’re going to add heavy cream as well. This helps thicken the drink and adds a really lovely richness.

Condensed Milk

Yep, we’re on our third type of dairy product now. Sweetened condensed milk makes this drink so rich and creamy and adds a really good level of sweetness. You’ll notice there’s no other sugar in this recipe – the condensed milk is the sweetener!

Cocoa Powder

Get some high-quality cocoa powder for the most rich flavor. You can use a traditional cocoa powder for a dark cocoa powder if you prefer that kind of chocolate.

Chocolate Chips

The combination of chocolate chips with cocoa powder is another part of what separates Disneyland hot chocolate from other kinds. It creates a lovely, smooth finish and a seriously chocolatey taste.

Vanilla Extract

Adding vanilla extract to the hot chocolate helps bring out and enhance the incredible chocolate flavors.

What brand of chocolate does Disneyland use?

The exact type of chocolate that Disneyland uses is up for debate, but we know at least some locations within the park use Ghiradelli. You can use any brand of chocolate to make this recipe, but Ghiradelli is usually easy to find at grocery stores if you want to make yours as close to the real thing as possible.

What kind of milk is best for hot chocolate?

I like to use whole milk in this recipe since it is so indulgent already. But you can use any type of milk and this would still be delicious! Even skim or 1% milk would work because the recipe has plenty of cream and condensed milk to make it richer. You could also opt for almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk if that’s what you have on hand. Just keep in mind there could be slight variations in state or consistency when you use something other than whole milk.

How to Make Hot Cocoa without Cocoa Mix

Making hot chocolate from scratch is easier than you might think, even if you’re used to grabbing a container of cocoa mix and adding it to boiling water. Here’s a few simple steps:

Step 1: Combine milk and cream.

Add the milk and heavy cream to a saucepan over medium heat. Cook until it begins to simmer, but don’t let it boil.

Step 2: Combine chocolate.

Combine the cocoa powder and chocolate chips in a small bowl and add in about ½ cup of the hot milk mixture. Stir this all together until it’s melted and smooth and then slowly add it to the saucepan, whisking until well combined. By adding some of the hot milk to the chocolate first, it makes for a smoother hot chocolate.

Step 3: Add condensed milk and vanilla extract.

Add the condensed milk and vanilla extract to the saucepan and stir until everything is combined. Simmer everything for about 3-5 more minutes until you can’t resist drinking it anymore!

Step 4. Top, serve or keep warm.

If you’re able to do anything other than pour it into mugs immediately, then I’m impressed. But if you’re making this for a party you can actually put it on a crockpot on low heat to keep it warm until it’s ready to serve.

Disneyland Hot Chocolate Quick Tips

  • Cocoa powder tends to clump up into little balls when it’s added to liquid. While pre-mixing this with the warm milk should help, if you still have clumps try pressing them up against the side of your bowl/pan with a whisk to break them up while you’re stirring.
  • If you’re still struggling to get any lumps out of your cocoa, you can always throw it in a blender before serving or use a fine mesh strainer when pouring it into cups to ensure all you get is smooth, chocolatey goodness.
  • I like to use a ladle to scoop this into mugs. It’s a lot easier than trying to pour it from the saucepan into a cup. You can also use a funnel to pour.
disneyland hot chocolate with marshmallows

Storing & Reheating Hot Chocolate

I’ll honestly be shocked if you don’t devour all of this hot chocolate right away. But if you’re looking to make this ahead of time or if you actually have willpower and don’t finish it all in one sitting, then it’s actually very easy to store and reheat this drink.

I recommend putting any leftover drink in a container with a tight-fitting lid (like a Thermos, mason jar or even a food storage container). This can be refrigerated for up to 3 days and reheated in a saucepan over low heat until warm.

Looking for more chocolate recipes?

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disneyland hot chocolate with marshmallows

Disneyland Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is not for the faint of heart and it is not for the first week in January gym goers. This is a drink for the end of the year and get all your calories in before you cut out sugar kind of drink. So creamy and rich and definitely the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

disneyland hot chocolate with marshmallows

Prep time: 10 min  |  Cook time:   |  Total: 10 min + simmer time

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3 cups milk

1 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips (or milk or dark chocolate)

1 can (14 ounces) condensed milk

1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. In a saucepan, combine milk and heavy cream. Over medium heat, bring to a simmer. (do not boil)
  2. In a small bowl, combine cocoa powder, chocolate chips and about 1/2 cup of the hot milk mixture. Stir together until melted and smooth. Slowly add to the saucepan and whisk quickly until completely combined.
  3. Add condensed milk and vanilla extract. Stir until combined. Simmer for about 3-5 minutes,
  4. Serve immediately or place heat to low (you could also put in a crock put on low). Add whipped cream , marshmallows, anything your little heart desires! Enjoy!



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The Best Hot Cocoa Toppings

This copycat Disney hot chocolate is plenty delicious all on its own, but who doesn’t love some hot cocoa toppings once in a while? Here are some of my favorite ways to top this drink:

  • Marshmallows: Throw in some mini marshmallows or even some marshmallow fluff for an extra fun treat. If you have larger marshmallows, you can even use a small cookie cutter to cut them into fun shapes!
  • Peppermint: This is the perfect topping for the holiday season. Crush some candy canes and sprinkle on top for a treat that looks and tastes festive.
  • Whipped Cream: Adding whipped cream to hot chocolate is classic for a reason – it’s such a delicious combination! You can make your own or buy it from a can, either way it’s going to taste great.
  • Spices: Sprinkle some cinnamon on top of your hot cocoa when serving or (if you’re feeling adventurous) try some cayenne pepper or chili powder!


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