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Mixed Veggie Casserole

Mixed Veggie Casserole

WHAT’S FOR A SIDE DISH?  /5 Leave a comment COOK TIME TOTAL TIME SERVINGS If you are looking for an extremely delicious and creamy veggie side dish that happens to be the most Midwestern recipe ever, then you have found it. This is Mixed Veggie Casserole. It’s easy to make and always a hit.  […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

overhead view of a bowl of roasted brussels sprouts with bacon

WHAT’S FOR DINNER?  /5 Leave a comment COOK TIME TOTAL TIME SERVINGS I didn’t eat a lot of Brussels Sprouts growing up which is kinda surprising to me because I was actually a kid who really liked vegetables. I would have broccoli and cheese as an after school snack. I know, weird.  But now […]

Creamy Cucumber Salad

overhead view of a bowl nof creamy cucumber salad and onions

WHAT’S FOR AN EASY SALAD?  /5 Leave a comment COOK TIME TOTAL TIME SERVINGS This Creamy Cucumber Salad is so nostalgic to me. It reminds me of humid days, the smell of burgers on the grill and those crisp midwest veggies straight from the garden.  My Grandma made this salad a lot growing up […]

Roasted Broccoli

WHAT’S FOR A VEGGIE?  /5 Leave a comment COOK TIME TOTAL TIME SERVINGS If you’ve never had the small, crunchy broccoli bits after roasting, then you haven’t been living. I am fully aware that sounds insane. But seriously, they are so good and addicting. Roasting vegetables is so easy to do and my favorite […]

Cottage Cheese Toast with Hiland Dairy

Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese is always on my shopping list and always in our fridge. It’s delicious and an easy way to add protein to breakfast or a healthy afternoon snack.