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Ice Cream Sundae Bar

20 min
ice cream sundae bar ideas

Everyone LOVES an Ice Cream Sundae Bar! Not only is it super fun but it’s a great display on a table too. Colorful and yummy! Ice Cream Bars can also be overwhelming for some people and can get messy and sticky. Here are some tips for having the perfect Ice Cream Sundae Bar!

  • Use a cupcake tin to hold your toppings. This keeps things nicely sorted plus you don’t have tons of different containers and spoons all over the table. People can easily and quickly see the different toppings to choose from. Helps eliminate messes, overwhelm and a line backing up.

  • Keep ice cream cold by placing the ice cream tubs into a larger tub filled with ice. Keeps the ice cream cold and allows guests to see the different flavors all at once.

  • Another option is to do premade scoops of ice cream in a large bowl. Place that bowl into a larger bowl filled with ice. Guests can just spoon up the premade scoops into their bowl.

  • Instead of placing jars of caramel, fudge, strawberry or other liquidy toppings straight on the table. Pour them into glass jars and display in a cool wire basket or decorative basket. Keeps things contained and allows guests to see quickly their options.

  • Keep the options simple. No need for 8 different flavors of ice cream of 20 different topping choices. People love the classics.

I love Ice Cream Sundae Bars! They are always a hit whether you are 1 or 100. The hardest part is deciding which toppings you’ll choose!

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ice cream sundae bar ideas

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Fun and easy ice cream sundae bar for everyone to enjoy! Using a cupcake tin to display and serve all the toppings is a perfect way to take stress away from an ice cream sundae bar! Fun way to make ice cream special!

ice cream sundae bar ideas

Prep time: 20 min  |  Cook time:   |  Total: 20 min

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Ice Cream- any or several flavors



Chopped Nuts

Reese Peanut Butter Cups, chopped


Butterfingers, chopped


Chocolate Chips

Gummy Bears


Graham Crackers

Maraschino Cherries


  1. Set out your pints of ice cream flavors with scoops. Bowls, spoons and napkins too.
  2. Take a cupcake tin and pour a little of each topping in each tin. Add spoons to dish up your toppings.
  3. Don’t forget to have some toppings like hot fudge, caramel and marshmallow fluff!
  4. So easy to put together. Not only is it pretty and fun, but keeps everything organized, less mess and allows guests to see all the options.



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