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20 Easy Kid Approved Dinners

overhead view of a ham and cheese roll up with crescent rolls, ham and melted cheese
overhead view of a plate of toasted ravioli with hearts cut out on red sauce
overhead view of cheesy pigs in a blanket

Raise your hand if you’ve spent a ton of time making an amazing meal just to put the plate in front of your kid and they look at you and say “ew.” Parenting is fun. 

Meal time can be rough and unfortunately it happens every single day. I know this battle so I’ve put together 20 of my favorite recipes that are Kid Approved (tested in my very own house plus feedback from parents). The bonus is that you will love them too. Easy, quick, delicious meals that are kid approved. 

Click the title or photo to take you to the full post and recipe. 

Soft noodles mixed with butter, mixed veggies, and parmesan cheese. So simple to make but such a delicious comfort meal. Perfect for kids and busy weeknight dinners.

Ham slices and melty cheese all wrapped in a buttery crescent roll. An easy recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to make. A perfect recipe for kids and busy weeknights!

Easy and delicious recipe to change up Taco Tuesday (or any night) with these Taco Roll Ups! Classic Mexican flavors and less than 30 minutes.

Fun and Easy Heart Ravioli with my favorite Creamy Marinara Sauce. Simple ingredients for a delicious and quick dinner.

Simple, delicious and ready in about 15 minutes! A yummy recipe you can add any protein or veggies to.

Pizza Toast is an easy and quick meal you can throw together on those busy nights. So good and kid approved!

BBQ Chicken Wraps are an easy to make and quick dinner idea! Lots of flavor plus a delicious way to use chicken. Don’t forget the ranch for dipping!

Perfect little Pizza Bites filled with any pizza toppings you choose and topped with lots of cheese. An easy weeknight meal your whole family will love!

Easy, Fast, and delicious Fish Stick Tacos. Perfect for busy nights when you want something good but also mostly semi homemade.

What is better than a hot dog? A mummy hot dog, of course! These are an incredibly easy way to make mealtime fun! Get your kids involved with this one!

The classic Pigs in a Blanket but taken up a level with a cheesy layer and a buttery ranch topping. Super easy to make, always a huge hit.

Easy little Waffle Fry Sliders made with mini burgers, crispy sweet potato waffle fries and all your favorite toppings.

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe full of melty cheese and flavor. Perfect way to change up pizza night!

Easy and delicious Cheeseburger Sliders. Melty cheese along with a burger on a Hawaiian Roll and coated with a sweet and savory sauce.

Creamy sauce over noodles all mixed with a mix of chicken and veggies. Comfort food at it’s finest and even better, it’s easy.

It’s not a creamy sauce, it’s not a broth sauce but somewhere in the middle. Veggies and meat and bacon. And Parmesan, all the Parmesan.

My Grandma’s classic meatloaf recipe but in a super convenient and quicker mini form. Covered in a sweet sauce plus a little brown sugar. 

My Grandma’s recipe for classic Mac and Cheese that I grew up eating as a kid and will make forever. Nothing fancy in this one, just lots of love and memories. 

One of my favorite dinners that is easy, quick and delicious! Spaghetti but thrown in a casserole and baked.

It’s like a mexican dip on each taco. Easy to make and such great flavors.

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