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4th of July Recipe Roundup

fourth of july recipe roundup

Fourth of July celebrations are full of friends and family, fireworks and tons of FOOD! That’s my favorite part, of course. 

I put together 20 of my favorite recipes perfect for any size 4th of July celebration. A mix of appetizers, drinks, sides, meals, and desserts. Check them all out and find something you love!

Whip up a quick and easy Mexican Corn Salad, the perfect summer side dish featuring sweet corn, fresh veggies, and a creamy dressing made with sour cream! This delicious salad pairs beautifully with steak, burgers, seafood, or any meal and is ready in minutes!

Root Beer Float Popsicles are the perfect way to have your favorite summer treat in an easy to eat popsicle form. Only two ingredients and takes only a couple minutes to assemble. Freeze and enjoy!

The best Sloppy Joes ever, in my humble opinion. I grew up on my Dad making these for so many get togethers and parties. Perfect to feed a great, always a hit. 

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream made with a classic custard base. Creamy and smooth texture mixed with the sweet taste of summer strawberries and a hint of vanilla.

Perfect little brownies topped with all the great stuff of a s’more. Graham crackers, milk chocolate and marshmallow all melted on top of a brownie. Such a great way to make a regular brownie even better.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Pop is a super fun way to serve this classic ice cream treat. Added chocolate, sprinkles and a lollipop stick to make it even more special!

Enjoy the perfect summer side dish with this simple Broccoli Pasta Salad! This easy, make-ahead dish combines fresh broccoli, rotini pasta, and a slightly sweet, creamy dressing along with toasted pecans that give it a satisfying crunch with every bite. Great as a weeknight side or to bring to any event!

I am totally in love with these super simple and fun Pop Rock Marshmallows for the Fourth of July. Literally three ingredients, four if you count the straw.

All the great flavors of a classic S’mores in a frozen treat version. A mix of crunchy graham crackers, chocolate pudding, and a cream cheese marshmallow layer. Easy, frozen sweet treat for the summer!

Easy to make Sweet and Salty Chex Mix recipe combining a mix of cereals. Rice Chex, Cheerios, Honeycomb and pretzels covered in a sweet and salty sauce made of soy sauce, sugar and garlic. Always a huge hit!

Sweet and spicy Whiskey Barbecue Sliders are easy to make, perfect size and packed with flavor!

A perfect bite of watermelon, cucumber and mozzarella drizzled with a balsamic glaze. A little sweetness from the watermelon, creamy and rich mozzarella plus the freshness from a cucumber, all topped with a sweet and tangy balsamic drizzle. Easy, delicious and bite size.

Why not put the cherry fizzy flavors of a Shirley Temple into a classic ice cream float and make a Shirley Temple Ice Cream Float. 

A little sour, a little sweet in this nostalgic summertime creamy cucumber salad. Easy to make and totally addicting.

Super tender shredded beef made in a slow cooker on a pretzel bun. Nothing fancy, tons of flavor. Easy and delicious! No better way to have a sandwich.

Fun and easy ice cream sundae bar for everyone to enjoy! Using a cupcake tin to display and serve all the toppings is a perfect way to take stress away from an ice cream sundae bar! Fun way to make ice cream special!

With just three simple ingredients: frozen limeade, cucumber, and Sprite, it’s easy to make for any occasion. Perfect for BBQs, parties, or just a hot day, this Cucumber Lime Punch drink can be made with or without alcohol! 

This is a super easy sugar cookie recipe that takes no time at all, plus an easy cream cheese frosting. Top it with your favorite fruit slices and you have a delicious treat.

Slow Cooker Creamy Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches are perfect for a party or a simple Sunday dinner. Shredded chicken cooked all day in a creamy buffalo sauce.

Easy and healthy Watermelon Popsicles with only 3 ingredients. The perfect for a sweet treat! My daughter loves these and I feel good about giving her these!

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