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20 Easy Dinner Recipes Under 20 Minutes

20 easy dinners under 20 minutes
pecan crusted salmon recipe
chicken broccoli ramen recipe

Dinner just keeps on coming, doesn’t it. Every day someone wants to eat. It’s exhausting.  

So I put together 20 of my favorite simple, quick, and delicious dinner recipes for you to have all in one place. No crazy ingredients, simple to follow instructions and super yummy. Check them all out below!

Easy and delicious Crescent Roll Taco Pizza made with classic Taco ingredients on top of a flaky crescent roll dough. Simple and quick dinner idea.

Easy, Fast, and delicious Fish Stick Tacos. Perfect for busy nights when you want something good but also mostly semi homemade.

Simple and quick Oven Baked Meatball Sub Sandwiches with pre-made meatballs, hoagie rolls, marinara, and lots of melty cheese.

A toasted hoagie bun filled with a mixture of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and sliced meat all topped with melty cheese. An easy recipe for a delicious dinner.

The mix of brown sugar with garlic and salt is the perfect combo of a little sweet and a little salty. The brown sugar also gets a little caramelized which I personally LOVE. 

A great way to change up Taco Tuesday with this one pan meal in around 20 minutes. Creamy and cheesy Taco pasta for an easy and delicious recipe.

A 20ish minute dinner recipe full of chicken, broccoli, noodles and classic stir fry flavors. One pan easy dinner, your family will love.

This recipe is the easy weeknight version that we have come to love. It’s super simple, uses a lot of frozen shortcuts and is delicious.

Salmon with a crispy pecan crust and a sweet Maple Dijon Glaze. So easy to make in around 20 minutes. Such a good and quick dinner idea.

Garlic butter shrimp with broccoli is a delicious dinner in around 20 minutes and one pan. Perfect for a busy night.

Quick, easy, prep ahead Burger Salad Bowl with all the best stuff of a classic burger. Topped with a drizzle, the best part. Or maybe the waffle fries are the best part.

Soft noodles mixed with butter, mixed veggies, and parmesan cheese. So simple to make but such a delicious comfort meal. Perfect for kids and busy weeknight dinners.

Sweet barbecue sauce with melty mozzarella and some tart red onion. An easy and quick change up to a fun pizza recipe. 

Simple to make Chicken Parmesan Sliders in 30 minutes. Crispy Chicken Nuggets, melty cheese and a soft bun.

Creamy Beef and Shells is an easy and delicious dinner your whole family will love. One pan, a creamy sauce and comes together quickly. 

Easy recipe for chicken that will become a new staple in your house! Perfect for meal plans or a quick dinner.

One of my favorite dinners that is easy, quick and delicious! Spaghetti but thrown in a casserole and baked. And who doesn’t love egg noodles? Add some garlic bread and broccoli and you have yourself a nice little dinner.

We love these Baked Chicken Tacos in our house! Super easy dinner idea for those busy nights. Simple ingredients, quick to make and so yummy! Homemade taco seasoning, chicken taco shells and lots of cheese!

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